Appointments & Home Visits

Appointments and Home Visits

When booking an appointment you may be asked some questions about your problem by the receptionist. Where possible we would be grateful if you could answer these as it assists our receptionist in booking you in with the most appropriate person.

Routine Appointments for a doctor or nurse

These appointments are ten minute appointments and can be booked up to four weeks in advance, to help you to plan ahead.

Telephone Appointments

If you have a query that does not necessarily require attendance at the surgery, you can request a telephone consultation with a Doctor. Time is allocated during the day for this purpose. The Doctor may decide that you still need to attend the Surgery if they feel that the problem cannot be dealt with over the telephone. Please speak with our Receptionists if you require a telephone consultation.

Urgent Problems

We recognise that illnesses are not predictable and so there are urgent appointments available each day.
These appointments are for acute conditions that have just arisen and not for the treatment of ongoing conditions. These appointments are only five minutes duration and therefore the Doctor will only be able to discuss the urgent problem. Please call before 10am and provide the Receptionist with some details of your condition.

Home Visits

Please try to make requests for home visits before 11am if possible. You may well be called back by a Doctor whose job it is to assess whether a visit is necessary. Doctors are not obliged to visit anyone, rather to assess what is necessary for a Patient’s care.

Home visits are reserved for Patients who are unable to leave the house due to ill health or general frailty. We do not normally visit children at home as they can usually be brought to the Surgery. Lack of transport is not a reason for a home visit.

We would ask all other Patients to attend the Surgery if possible, as home visits are time consuming for Doctors and a Surgery consultation generally offers a higher quality of care. Following these guidelines will enable us to offer the home visiting service to those who really need it.


We understand how difficult it is being a carer and how awkward it can be arranging appointments to fit in with your caring duties. Please mention that you are a carer when booking an appointment and we will be as flexible as we can to try to help you.


Each week, an average of fifty appointments are wasted as a result of Patients failing to notify the Surgery of their inability to attend a booked appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment, or no longer require the appointment, please notify us with twenty four hours notice so that it may be made available to another Patient.

Patients can now cancel appointments by texting the Surgery’s mobile phone on 07780 529 862. This mobile will only accept texts cancelling appointments and any query texts will not be answered.

In addition we now send out appointment reminders by text to those patients for whom we have mobile numbers. You can let us know by replying to this text that you wish to cancel your appointment.

If a Patient regularly fails to attend booked appointments, or fails to advise the Practice that they are unable to attend, consideration will be given to removing that Patient from the Practice list.