We understand how difficult it is being a carer and the massive impact it has on not just the patient but also on the carers that help support them day to day. We want to be as helpful as we can and try to help carers make their role as easy as we can.

Kirsty Day is our Carers Champion and if you are a carer please let our staff know so that we make sure you receive invites to any carers events we hear about, offer you a flu vaccine and help by signposting services that might be helpful for you.

We also know how awkward it can be arranging appointments to fit in with your caring duties. Please mention that you are a carer when booking an appointment and we will be as flexible as we can to try to help you.

Carers In Herts are an excellent resource and run clinics in the surgery

Other sites that carers have found helpful in the past are Carers UK which gives a good summary of what is available nationally, the Childrens Society which is aimed at carers who are children, the NHS Social Care and Support Guide which is a great summary of all the financial and social supports available, and the Carers Trust who are another national support trust who can provide help.

Lastly, we are extremely lucky to have HertsHelp locally who are there to help support you in a crisis, help you manage at home, can give you advice on funding your care as well as finding the right care support for you. They are essentially a hub of a network of agencies and will be able to help guide you to the right person out there who can help. It can be very confusing so let them help you find the right support for you.