Parkwood Surgery

The aim of the Practice is to ensure that the services we provide to you are as all–embracing as possible, offering a holistic approach to providing healthcare.

Our focus is to provide all of our patient’s services in a familiar, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Our main surgery is located in Warners End and we have small branch surgeries in Boxmoor and Gadebridge.
See below for addresses.

We have 12 doctors and 5 nurses.

We are also a training practice and have trainee GPs and trainee hospital doctors.

We provide a range of services including some that were traditionally provided in hospital. These include minor operations for the removal of lumps and bumps especially those that look possibly malignant, diabetic clinics, joint injections, warfarin monitoring and travel injections. We are also accredited for the Gold Standard in palliative care in which we work closely with Rennie Grove palliative care nurses.

Parkwood Surgery, Parkwood Drive, HP1 2LD
Boxmoor Surgery, 105, St John’s Road, HP1 1QG
Gadebridge Surgery, 300, Galley Hill, HP1 3LE