Teenage Health

The teenage years are a time when our bodies and minds go through what feels like a very rapid transition from being a child to adult. It can be a time where you feel under pressure to know it all but simply don’t and have to hide behind a façade which just creates uncertainty and anxiety.

This may involve some problems that you don’t always feel able to discuss with your parents or other adults and so we are trying to ensure that all teenagers are aware of what is out there for them specifically.

We offer total confidentiality and although we will always encourage you to share your problems with your parents that remains your choice and nothing will be shared without your permission. This includes any contraceptive advice and an appointment with our nurses will be able to explain to you what the best options may be for you. There’s also loads of really useful stuff on the internet it’s just knowing where to turn .

A useful port of call is NHS Choices website which covers just about everything you can think of including screening, contraception, drugs, and anything else you’re unsure of.

If you’re feeling really depressed or anxious, Kooth.com is a free online service for teenagers. It’s anonymised and has proven to be a really good way for teenagers to express their fears and concerns in a safe helpful way.

We’re also aware that some children have to take over the carer role for their parents because they are too unwell. Please do tell us if you feel you are in this situation as there is lots we can do to help you. In particular, Young Carers In Herts has been set up for exactly this role and is well worth a browse

Another really exciting local project is the Hertfordshire Youth Council who run a huge number of local support groups covering a wide range of subjects specific to teenagers (13-17yrs).

So if you’re worried, stressed or simply want more information about something, please don’t hesitate to contact our receptionists for an appointment. They know that everything is confidential and ultimately we just want you to get back to being happy and confident.

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