Asthma and COPD

Our practice nurse has had specialist training in asthma and COPD diagnosis and management. The inhalers can be easy to use incorrectly and it’s easy to get confused. She will help you ensure that your condition is treated with the right medication and help you use it effectively. You may also need in house spirometry to help diagnose and monitor your condition.

If you’re not sure if your inhaler technique is correct then it may be worth watching the Asthma UK Videos to check.

We recommend that you have an annual review with her; this will check that your medicines are still working for you and enable you to optimise the management of your condition. Asthma is best controlled by monitoring your own peak flows and we can prescribe you a peak flow meter if you don’t already have one. This can be linked to an asthma app on your smartphone to really get the best possible control and enable you to live as symptom free life as possible.

Asthma can be diagnosed at any age but typically comes on when you are younger. It is the airways being too sensitive to something in the air. This may be heat, infection, allergies or even exercise and results in the airways tightening up. The aim is to make the airways less sensitive and to open them back up again using the correct inhalers.

COPD is a little different in that you tend to get it older in life and is more common in smokers. It is caused by the airways producing too much mucus which clogs the airways up. The type of inhalers used is slightly different as a result.

Obviously the main treatment is to stop smoking, and you might want to book into one of our free stop smoking clinics. There are held on a Monday evening and Saturday morning and are one to one. For more information please contact the receptionists for an appointment.