Blood Pressure

We follow the British Hypertension Society Guidelines

We appreciate that being diagnosed with hypertension is frustrating as you may be started on medication when you feel absolutely fine. It is vital to treat though as it prevents heart attacks , strokes and other damage to your body’s organs so whilst frustrating please remember it is very much in your interests to control it. Other important changes are lifestyle based ones including regular exercise, keeping your weight down and adopting a healthy diet.

In order to measure it accurately you may be asked to measure your blood pressure using a home blood pressure monitor. The British Hypertension Society has recommended ones but they can be bought relatively cheaply at most pharmacies. If you are asked to do this then below is a guide of how to send them into us. We normally recommend doing it twice a day for 2 weeks. This is because many people suffer from what is known as White Coat Hypertension ( the fact that seeing medical staff often puts patients blood pressures up!)

Alternatively we may arrange a 24 hour blood pressure check through our nurses at the surgery . This involves having a piece of kit attached to you for 24 hours that will continually monitor your blood pressure. You return 24 hours later and the nurses will remove it and download all the data.

Please record your blood pressure twice, 5 minutes apart and make a note of the second reading.

Ideally, you should vary the times that you take your blood pressure and record them approximately twice a day.

_If you could send a list of your blood pressure readings to the Surgery on the email address below, I can then have a look to see if anything needs altering. The email address is: