Contraception / Family Planning Advice

Contraception can be a very confusing subject, but hopefully our expert nurses and GPs will help make it simple for you.

We offer the full range of contraception in house, pills, injections, implants and coils.

It’s a very personal choice and not all types suit everyone so we would suggest you read up about the common types of contraception then make an appointment with the nurses to talk through whether it will suit you. Please note vasectomies are no longer done at Parkwood and you should speak to your GP who will refer you on to the local provider.

More information on vasectomies can be found here

Sometimes despite the best intentions, accidents happen and post coital contraception is needed. Time is very much of the essence and we’d recommend either going to the pharmacist (the morning after pill is now available over the counter) or speaking to a GP on the triage call back system as soon as possible. There are various methods used depending on how long after intercourse you present. Further information can be found here