Our diabetic clinic takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for patients to have their annual check.

This includes an assessment by our skilled nurses and GP’s to ensure a fully comprehensive review.

We also actively screen for those who are at risk of developing diabetes in the future, by means of blood tests.

We manage people with pre-diabetes ( sugar levels between normal and diabetic levels), via an annual assessment.

We are closely linked to the hospital programme including the community diabetic nurses , podiatrists and retinal screening programme and have the excellent in house resource of Dr Nicholas who has just completed her post graduate diploma in Diabetes.

Once you are diagnosed, or even if you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes, it’s really important to keep strictly to a diabetic diet

Over the years there has been a steady move the emphasis being on a low carbohydrate diet rather than just low fats. More information on this can be found here

other resources for more information about diabetes are via NHS Choices website, or Diabetes UK