Test Results

Blood and Urine Tests

Results for urine and blood tests are usually back from the laboratory within three to seven working days, depending on the type of request. The clinician who asked you to complete a test should tell you whether you need a further appointment after or whether you should just contact us for the results.

Get your results online

Results are not yet available online but this is a facility we hope to have up and running soon

Get your results by phone

Please telephone the surgery after 2pm. The receptionist will be able to tell you if the clinician feels any further action is required but is not qualified to discuss the result with you. Should this be necessary, you will be advised to make an appointment to discuss the result with your doctor. You may wish to do this via a telephone consultation but please do NOT use the telephone triage system. Please allow 3 working days before contacting the receptionist.

How to have a blood test

Blood tests can be pre-booked if you are frail and unable to easily get to the pathology lab at Hemel Hospital or if it is a fasting sample. Appointments are available both on line and on telephoning the surgery.

Alternatively you can attend Hemel Hempstead Hospital Pathology Department , Hillfield Rd, HP2 4AD

Their opening times are as follows

  • Monday to Wednesday 08.30 to 16.30 .We advise you to go if possible at lunchtime or in the afternoon, as the first hour is likely to be especially busy with people who have work and other commitments or who require a fasting blood test.
  • From Thursday to Friday between 12pm to 16.30

X Rays / CT scans / MRIs/ Ultrasounds

All requests for radiology will be sent electronically and you will be contacted directly by them with an appointment. Please read the instructions carefully as some require preparation such as a full bladder .Chest X rays ,however, do not require an appointment and will be done on attending the radiology department. Please note this is Monday to Friday only and during working hours .The form will have been sent electronically so no paper form is required.

Having a urine test

Sample bottles are available for patients to collect at the reception at all of our surgeries.
Please bring your urine specimen in before 11am on the day it is done. Please make sure specimens are labelled with the date and your name and date of birth and are firmly closed.

The doctor or nurse will have told you if the sample is for dip testing at the practice. This is usually done as a screen for sugar or infection. Please tell the receptionist this information.
The clinician asking for the test may well have said that it is to check for an infection, if this is the case then please make sure the sample is taken from the mid-stream, is passed the same morning it is brought in, and you use a sterile, white-capped bottle obtainable from the reception counter. If the urine specimen is intended to be sent to the lab it will be in a red topped bottle. Stool samples are put in a blue topped bottle.
Please note that the laboratory do not do routine pregnancy testing. Fast reliable tests can be purchased at the chemist.