We are pleased to inform everyone that vasectomies can once again be performed on the NHS after a reversal of Herts Valley CCG policy decision earlier this year.

Dr Brazier has been doing vasectomies for 25 years and employs the no scalpel technique which is superior to the cut and tie method.

If you’d like to explore this option phone us on 01442 250117 or book a phone consultation with Dr Brazier online. At the phone consultation, Karen or Dr Brazier will then go into the details of a vasectomy to ensure you are fully informed and happy to progress to the vasectomy itself.

We generally do them on Fridays to ensure as minimal impact as possible on your working week.

The attached information leaflet tells you all that you need to know about this popular and simple form of contraception for men who have decided they don’t want any more children.

Visit the NHS website for more information